This Page is an Info Sheet for those wanting to help at the Spanish Retreat

The Retreat is a boutique style hotel 35 miles inland from ALICANTE in a beautiful small town called PINOSO; one of the richest towns in Spain.

The Retreat is 2 miles out of town, discreet, quiet, not overlooked, yet very close to town.

It has 10 ensuite bedrooms and an acre of garden & patio grounds.

We are having a designer pool installed with hot tub and sauna. It will be the largest pool in the area, with a 1000 sq ft poolside bar.

We have 1.5 acres to the rear that can be developed at a later stage.

Around the landscaping area will be 8 fetish outdoor playzones with equipment.

WHAT WE WANT FROM YOU. Labour Work or HouseCraft Work.


We have a main Spanish contractor to do the main works.

We want helpers to do the small jobs and fill in jobs. Time period is from November 16th 2017 to March 8th 2018

This includes: 

Building the bar shelter, a large style pagoda wooden structure.

Some breeze block outdoors wall construction.

Some carpentry work on door frames and pagodas and shelters.

Some landscape work; digging ditches for trees, planting, hedge work, laying travetine & marble outdoor areas. Gravel & edge stone pathway work.

Painting the outside of hotel, inside of hotel and perimeter walls.



This includes:

Cooking and looking after the kitchen and laundry for the workers.

Cleaning and assisting with the decorating or landscaping.

Bar work, pool cleaning, sweeping, polishing.



We have been asked by some ladies if they can come and help at the bar or kitchen and do some party fun also. If any are serious and want to get a sun tan, and are swingers and want to play daily, then we will chat to you also.

If you are a fetish girl we are after part time & full time subs/slaves as helpers based at the Retreat for housekeeping, events, hard play and training.


If you can get to ALICANTE AIRPORT we will pick you up.

You stay at the Retreat free with accommodation and food and drink.

You do 7 hours a day in your chosen craft for 6 out of every 7 full days you are there.(ie. One day per week chill time)

In the evening you go into town, or lounge around the villa/pool or party if anyone available.

For Labour Work you must be skilled at Carpentry or Building or Floor Laying or Professional Decorator or Landscape Gardener.

For HouseCraft work you must be committed and serious. For Party Play you must be fit and fun.

You can stay from 1 week to 4 weeks.

For every week you work, you get a voucher for a free holiday at the retreat in 2018 for the same period you have worked.

So if you work 1 week you get a 1 week voucher. If you work 3 weeks you get 3 vouchers.

You can also bring a partner with you using the voucher for ONE THIRD price.

EXAMPLE> If you work 2 weeks you get a 2 week voucher, and you want to bring a partner in May 2018.

The 2 week break will be list price at £700 a week full board. So 2 weeks is £1400.

So you get the 2 weeks for free using your vouchers. And you pay £465 for your partner (one third). So in total the 2 week break for 2 people is £465 full board.

TEXT 07400 052905  for any info, or dates you are available, or skills you can offer          *************************************************